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What's the story behind the name Stardust?

I love astrophysics. I am absolutely fascinated by it! Mind you, like many, I understand it on a layman’s level. Despite the fact that the math and chemistry seem to move beyond my capacity all too quickly (I work with words, after all), I find the ideas coming out of this scientific field exhilarating and inspiring. 

In the BBC series Wonders of the Universe, Professor Brian Cox, CBE, FRS explains that the 94 naturally occurring elements (think periodic table) that are on earth are the very same elements that make up the entire universe.

This is not a theory. 

This is not a possibility. 

Scientists know for sure that there is no element here on Earth that is not also out there in space.¹ So for that and other scientific reasons, we know we are composed of stardust. 

This fact blew my mind. 

It was one of the most magical moments in my life. I was not only mesmerized by the beauty of the Universe and the wonder of existence, but it also spoke to my deep belief that we are all connected to each other, and the universe, and all that is in a very true and profound way.

In terms of my work, this clear connection to all that is supported my belief, based on my own experience as well as all of my experiences and conversations with people, that when we humans are deep in the process of writing, we are actually channeling ideas. Yes, certainly, these ideas are founded on the knowledge and work that we’ve done in our lives, but there’s something more. 

When we are deeply in the flow of writing, we are channeling the wisdom and light of our souls and are in tune with the energy of the universe. I believe we are channeling the stardust we’re made of. 

In my work as an editor, it’s my joy to connect with the ideas and concepts you’ve channeled, no matter how esoteric they may seem, which can certainly be the case when writing about energy work and spiritual topics, and then help you to present them in the most grounded way possible. I also work to help you to create a container, through words, that will hold the energy of these ideas and concepts.

In essence, I see that you are connecting to and pulling in your highest self, your stardust, into your work and into your life. And that through your book the light of your stardust, which comes through your heart and hands, will touch others.

And it is my intention that all be for the highest good.

¹ Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen, "Stardust," in Wonders of the Universe (New York: HarperCollinsPublishers by arrangement with the BBC, 2011), 92–101.

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